Pristina International Airport


A hub for domestic passengers, international passengers and cargo traffic.

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Pristina International Airport, is located in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. The airport is the only International Airport of Kosovo for the entrance of foreign visitors into the country. The existing airport serves for a population of around 2.5 million.  The main scope of this project was to design a new terminal to increase the passenger capacity to 4.5 million per year.

The new terminal building with a closed area of 45.000 m² constructed with all utilities and equipment for operational functioning and with an exceptional and impressive state-of-the-art design which resemble the independence of Kosovo.

The building is constructed on a 12x12m structural grid providing optimum structural spans. This grid is expanded by the removal of columns on main passenger halls, providing attractive and spacious double height halls with large column free spans. The columns of the building can be both in RC concrete or steel whereas the light weight curved roof structure is completely out of steel.

Prota has provided entire optimization, structural engineering design services for the new terminal building, air traffic control tower, MEP building as well as the preparation of structural design of apron taxiway, apron extension, resa apron, connection roads and parking lots and infrastructure projects of the entire Airport.


  • LocationPristina, Kosovo
  • ClientLimak Inc.
  • Total Construction Area45.000 m²
  • Capacity4,5 million passenger/year
  • Term of Contract2008-2009
  • ArchitectTekeli-Sisa Architecture