Pulkovo Airport


Prota provides structural design of the new terminal building and other facilities to be built as a part of the project

Polkovo Airport3

Hotel and Business Center

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Prota has worked as part of a team to design the new terminal for Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg, Russia. Pulkovo Airport is located approximately 20 km from the city center. Due to increasing importance of St. Petersburg as a major cultural and historical center, a new development and refurbishment project for Pulkovo Airport has been brought into action. This project comprised terminal facilities, airside facilities (runways, aprons and ancillary facilities) and landside facilities (closed car parks, hotel and business center).

New airport terminal at St Petersburg is a critical new gateway into Russia.  The building was built using various options for the concrete frame that allowed the contractor to work productively throughout the harsh Russian winters.  The innovative steel roof structure evolved into a diagonal-spanning truss system that saved materials and produced a stunning architectural design that reflected the golden spires of St Petersburg. The unique structural arrangement and the use of bridge details also enabled the movement joints to be eliminated, despite the vast area and huge climatic ranges.

In addition, Pulkova Airport was granted for the 2014 Structural Awards by the Institution of Structural Engineers which is the world’s largest membership organization dedicated to the art and science of structural engineering.

The judge of this prestigious award has also stated that; ‘‘This complex project was a great success in all aspects. It was clear that the combined expertise of the international and Russian team had developed conventional ideas into innovative and repetitive sets of solutions for the concrete frame and steel roof, which enabled the wonderful terminal to be opened ahead of schedule.’’

Prota's engineering services covered the structural design of the following structures:

  • 120,000 m² New Terminal Building
  • 11,600 m² Business Center
  • 20,000 m²  Hotel with 200 rooms
  • 40,000 m² Indoor and Outdoor Parking Lots


  • LocationSt. Petersburg / Russian Federation
  • ClientRenaissance Construction
  • Total Construction Area191.600 m²
  • Term of Contract2008 - 2009
  • ArchitectGrimshaw Architecture