Warsaw Metro Line Is Under Operation

Warsaw Metro Line II is a new underground railway tunnel from Rondo Daszynskiego to the city centre to Dworzec Wilenski on the northeast suburbs, which is located on the other side of the River Wisla. The line includes seven stations. The project is the long-awaited investment in the expansion of high-capacity public transport in Warsaw, which is expected to ease traffic congestion in the city, to decrease the overall carbon footprint of the urban transport sector, and allow users to transfer efficiently from the east side of Vistula River to the west side of the city.

In this important project, Prota’s design services included;

  • building permit and detailed designs of  cut and cover tunnel systems,
  • geotechnical assessments and design and reporting,
  • architectural and structural design of seven station structures (all are underground),
  • infrastructure, drainage and retaining wall designs,
  • fire fighting and protection,
  • emergency exit and air-conditioning simulation systems,
  • mechanical system design,
  • electrical system design,
  • fire alarm systems,
  • control and communication system designs,
  • noise control and acoustic simulation.