Prota has worked with a range of clients to deliver innovative and strategic solutions for all types of aviation projects including passenger terminals, international airports, cargo centers as well as airport maintenance and repair facilities.

With its experience and skilled resources, Prota provides a wide range of services in the aviation sector from planning and project delivery&control through design, design quality check, construction planning, and supervision. Besides the design stated above, Prota provides a comprehensive consulting services in construction planning, developing method statements, design quality checking, peer reviews, seismic assessment, retrofitting design and construction supervision of aviation projects.

With its continuous research and development activities, Prota has undersigned innovative geotechnical solutions for the aviation industry. Prota engineers, who keep abreast of the literature and the latest developments in their fields, are well equipped to propose innovative system models in order to produce solutions that are economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Prota design solutions aim to provide the most cost-effective answers by employing a wide range of structural solutions such as pre and post-tensioned precast concrete, in-situ concrete, masonry, steel, suspended structures, composite, and pre-stressed and post-tensioned reinforced concrete systems. Following the latest developments in their fields, Prota engineers and architects are well equipped to propose the latest innovative system models in order to produce solutions that are economically and aesthetically pleasing.

For structural design, along with the domestic codes, Prota engineers are capable of employing several major international codes of practices such as the US and EN codes. In addition to building design, engineering and consultancy services, Prota concentrates on research and development, and has been developing new techniques and methods in its field of activities and developing related software to automate the analysis and design phases. Prota also takes an active part in the adaptation of Turkish standards and codes to EU norms, in particular remove to building design, construction materials, and construction methods.