Prota is the first Turkish design company implementing BIM in a metro rail project.

By using 3D BIM models, the flow of physically information and intelligent data from conceptual design down to construction and facilities management, is helping architects, engineers, contractors and owners realize their projects more efficiently, more economically, and with increased profitability than ever before.

At its heart, BIM is a digital representation of both the physical and functional characteristics of buildings and infrastructure.

When BIM comes together amazing things can happen.

BIM helps facilitate designing, visualizing, simulating and analyzing. It helps to detect clashes before construction, planning during construction, more accurate quantity take-off and cost estimation. It provides improved coordination with architects, engineers and other project participants resulting in fewer errors, less waste, time savings and project cost savings. All driven from the one model.

At Prota we have fully incorporated BIM into how we operate to help our clients and our teams deliver world class projects faster, and smarter.

BIM In Prota

One of Prota’s core principle is to follow the latest technologies and innovative developments in the industry. Prota is the first Turkish design company implementing BIM in a metro rail project. Projects prepared by Prota on a BIM platform were nominated to the finals of Global AEC Excellence Awards two times. In addition to this, Prota is the nominee of “Innovator of the Year” 2019.

The main goal of Prota BIM team is to make significant contributions to the construction sector by using innovative approaches and latest innovations.

The Prota BIM Team

PROTA BIM Team draws from an experienced team of engineers, architects, planners, project managers and BIM specialists. Prota BIM Teams’ keys to success steams from everyone working together in a collaborative environment where exploring and harnessing technology is not just encouraged, it’s how we deliver value.

What follows outlines the service and capabilities you can take advantage of when working with us, the ProtaBIM advantage.