Construction Supervision

We undertake supervision services as part of our full suite of services.

At Prota, we’ve supervised construction for a wide variety of projects to ensure that projects are built in compliance with design and specifications.

The multi-disciplinary experience of Prota’s specialists assures the capabilities to manage complex construction projects in all the domains of the built environment, from residential to industrial buildings and from airports to metro projects.

Prota considers supervision services as a high level project management endeavour, and thus provides total engineering and consultancy services that belong to a job-specific-model framework which brings together the requisites of a professional project management approach and the customer’s specific needs. Prota’s primary goal here is to protect the rights and interests of its clients, and to provide outcomes that will satisfy their expectations with regards to time, quality, and money. In this sense, Prota does not only offer guidance but also suggests a variety of alternatives and possible added values to its customers.

During project management and supervision, Prota pays special heed to production of sustainable solutions, environmental protection principles, human rights and workers’ rights, and counter corruption.