High Rise Building Design

Our approach to high rise building design was founded by working interactively with the Client and within the design team to develop optimum designs.

High rise buildings throughout the world are becoming popular everyday. Choosing the appropriate structural system, optimizing the space requirement, earthquake resistant design and design for wind loads are the key elements in order to be successful in these high investment projects.

We have a respected expertise in the engineering of high rise buildings which is one of the fields that we are most experienced in. With its accomplished team of engineers and the broad range of engineering software, either developed by Prota researchers and/or those found in its comprehensive library, Prota has  implemented a great number of  high rise building designs worldwide.

Prota’s services regarding high rise buildings have mostly focused on structural engineering and system selection consultancy which predominantly effects the performance and the architecture of a high rise building. Our extensive experience and expertise in this area enable us to help our clients deliver high performance buildings.

We also offer feasibility studies cost and quantity estimations, preparation of technical specifications, construction quality management and supervision services.

By combining our expertise in seismic design with our technical skills, we are able to produce structurally safe and utmost quality high rises.  During the analysis of these tall buildings, more economical and realistic designs can be obtained by utilizing time and frequency domain linear and nonlinear analysis methods that take into account the effects of secondary modes of vibration.