High Rise Building Design

Reinforced concrete, steel, composite and pre/post tensioned systems.

One of the most essential expertises of Prota is a high rise building design. With its expert team of engineers and the broad range of in-house developments and purchased engineering software in its comprehensive library, Prota has carried out a significant number of high rise building designs worldwide. 

Prota’s services regarding high rise buildings have generally focused on system selection consultancy and structural engineering design. In almost every project, Prota provides, feasibility studies, cost and quantity estimations, technical specifications, and procurement consultancy services. On some occasions, Prota provides the construction quality management and supervision services during construction of the designed facilities.

Prota engineers keep abreast of the literature and latest developments in their fields, and are thus able to propose innovative system models to produce solutions that are economical and aesthetically pleasing. Prota has established its expertise by using “Top-down methodology”, in which steel and castin-place piles are used as columns, and the structure is constructed from top to bottom, in cases where the buildings are located in dense settlement areas and on relatively poor soil conditions. The method has proven to be a costeffective way to achieve safety for the neighboring buildings during construction.

Prota’s expertise in earthquake engineering certainly contributes to produce structurally safe and high-quality designs. During the analysis of high-rise buildings, more economical and realistic designs can be obtained by utilizing time and frequency domain linear and nonlinear analysis methods that take into account the effects of secondary modes of vibration.