Transportation Engineering

Holistic solutions in trackway design, metro and transportation structures’ architecture, telecommunication systems, and geotechnical, traction power, electrical and mechanical design.

Prota has enriched its worldwide building design capacity by successes in the design of transportation structures. Among these structures that Prota has designed in both domestic and international markets so far are bus terminals, metro and rail systems, underground and above-ground stations, airport terminals, parking lots, improved facilities for passengers and, many others can be mentioned.

Being restructured to offer integrated solutions to its clients in the transportation sector, Prota has now reached a high-level design capacity focusing on basic disciplines of transportation engineering: Track work design, architectural, telecommunication systems, traction power engineering, geotechnical, electromechanics, electrical and mechanical engineering design of transportation structures.

Owing to its continuous research and development activities, Prota has undersigned innovative geotechnical solutions for underground transportation structures. Prota engineers, who keep abreast of the literature and latest developments in their fields, and are well equipped to propose innovative system models in order to produce solutions that are economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Prota, in this context, offers a wide range of design services in the transportation sector: alignment surveying, profile planning, curb and speed limit calculations, drainage system design, displacement design, railway superstructure design, switch system design, access roads for tunnels, underground and above ground station architecture, structural, electrical, electro-mechanical, and mechanical engineering for metro structures, retaining wall and bracing designs, geotechnical monitoring/ design, diaphragm wall, hydraulic design, fire protection – fire fighting system designs, fire simulation analysis, environmental control systems, acoustics and emergency ventilation system designs, low voltage, lighting and telecommunication system designs, energy supply and traction power designs, catenary system designs, preparation of feasibility and traffic surveys and final and detail design studies.

In addition to the above design services, Prota provides comprehensive consulting services in construction planning, developing method statements, design quality checking, peer reviews, seismic assessment, retrofitting design, and construction supervision of transportation structures.