Kadikoy-Kartal Metro Line

Kartal - Kadıkoy Metro project is one of the longest underground metro system in Turkey with a total length of 21.6 km. The metro line starts from Kadikoy square, joins the station of Marmaray Project at Ayrılıkçeşme and reached to Kartal. It covers 16 stations, an underground depot yard and various workshops. The project is composed of double tunnels. The distance between theses two tunnels is about 32 meters.

Within the scope of the project, Prota performed the services defined below:

  • Track-way alignment engineering and design services including additional alignment survey and mapping works, infrastructural (water, sewerage, communication, natural gas, etc. projects, pumping stations, and other required infrastructural annexes.), rail upper structure design along with the alignment,
  • Preparation of alignment investigations, plan, profile and cross-sections between Kozyatagi and Kartal, and for 3.5 km. track-way extension after Kartal Station ,
  • Preparation of plan, profile and cross-sections for each trackway including km. level, and coordinates at the intervals given in the technical specifications,
  • Preparation of super-elevation and speed limitations, and horizontal and vertical geometry calculations, cross-sections along the track way and at the structure type changing points.
  • Architectural, structural and E&M system detailed designs of 17 underground structures (16 subway stations and an underground depot),
  • Project planning, construction management, programming of works, electromechanical services design, mechanical and electrical system designs, fire safety engineering designs, acoustic modelling and designs.


  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • ClientAvrasya Metro Consortium
  • Total Length21.6 km
  • Term of Contract2008 - 2012