Aesthetic and innovative design solutions by generating ideas and transforming them into life.

As an integrated design firm, Prota has a team of architects and engineers working interactively and collaboratively with both its own architects and its consultants, Prota strives to find the best architectural solution for its clients.

Prota’s approach to architectural design is founded on grasping and understanding our clients’ requirements, goals and expectations from the beginning of the project.

Prota provides architectural services for its clients who expect total design for their projects and for particular building types like transportation structures, schools, industrial plants etc.

Architecture is the art and the science of designing a building. Beyond the technical design, designing architecturally adaptable buildings within the built environment and its vicinity is a challenge. Our Istanbul University Vefa Campus Project could be a great example for these type of projects. The campus is located on the historic peninsula of Istanbul, right in the heart of the hustle of the city. It is also very significant for its architectural buildings with historical and aesthetical values. The new buildings which are to be located in this campus has been architecturally designed by Prota architects in a way that conserve existing historical environment.

Over the years, we’ve gained immense experience in contributing the best practice in design and in delivering projects all around the world. As a result, we’re increasingly being asked to undertake holistic design on major projects, particularly in the engineering sector.