Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant

Tufanbeyli 1

Building Area

Tufanbeyli 2

Limestone Handling

Tufanbeyli 3

North View

Tufanbeyli 4

East View Boiler Area

Tufanbeyli 5

East View Cooling Tower

Tufanbeyli 6

Panorama View

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In Turkey, like all over the world, the importance and necessity of energy for industrialization and development is increasing everyday. In addition to hydroelectric power source, the most common energy source in Turkey is thermal power plant. Based on utilization of local lignite sources, thermal energy is a vital source of electricity and serves as an essential source for a low cost, reliable and clean energy. Therefore, thermal power plants play a crucial role for exploitation of local low energy coal and lignite sources in order to generate sustainable energy.

In line with Turkey’s commitment for clean and efficient energy sources,  EnerjiSA has acquired the rights to build and operate Tufanbeyli Power Plant in 2006. Tufanbeyli Power Plant was built by using FBC technology, utilizing the low energy lignite mines in the area along with the limestone mines for desulphurization.

Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant is located in Tufanbeyli, Adana in south-eastern part of Turkey. The power plant lies in an area of 1,632.7 hectares, affecting the villages of Yamanli, Yesilova, Kayarcik, Taspinar and Pinarlar. The TPP Project had an installed capacity of 450 MW, and serves a fundamental energy investment to narrow Turkey’s energy gap.

Tufanbeyli thermal power plant  covers a total of 3 150 MWe thermal power plant units in CFB (circulating fluid bed) technology. It is the country’s largest privately owned, lignite-fired (also known as brown coal) plant and generates electricity by using local resources.

Prota performed design services of the plant by using modern technologies in order to minimize the impacts of electricity generation to the environment.


  • LocationAdana / Turkey
  • ClientS&K Engineering and Construction
  • Capacity3x150 MW
  • Term of Contract2011-2014